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08 November 2008 @ 12:22 pm
1. Please conduct yourself in a mature manner, and do not blur the lines between IC and OOC.
In order to keep a fun environment for our players, we ask that if you have a problem with another player, you keep that out of the community. If you feel it is a serious issue that needs addressing, please contact the moderators.

2. Do not discriminate against your fellow players.
All sexualities, genders and races are welcome at Squarewarts. Bashing of your fellow RPers or their characters will not be tolerated.

3. All logs must be rated for content and placed under a cut.
While Squarewarts does not have a set rating, please keep in mind that this is a school and that most logs will be in the G - PG-13 range. Anything with a rating higher than PG-13 must have warnings as to the nature of the content.

4. Sexual/smut logs are acceptable, if they are put behind a cut and have warnings.
All characters involved must be 18 years old or older.

While we appreciate that saying no teenager has sex is unrealistic, any logs with characters who are not legal adults will not be permitted. Acknowledging that your underage character would talk about sex, have sexual thoughts, or acknowledging they engage in sexual activity is fine, but logging them engaging in sexual acts or fetishizing them is not. If you wish to log this we ask that you do it outside of the game – that is to say, not in any of the game comms or game chat. Sexual or romantic logs involving a staff member and student are not permitted.

5. Never Godmod another player's characters.
Godmodding is controlling or predicting another player's character without their permissions. As a general rule, never assume anything about another players character or take action that could severely effect another person's character (such as releasing sensitive information about them or starting a plot based around them) without their permission.

6. Keep In-Character behaviour in mind when you write.
While this is an AU and some changes are to be expected, we do expect adherence to canon behaviour. Development is fine, unexplained changes or Mary-Sueing is not.

7. You are expected to keep your character active.
Activity Check will be held at the beginning of each month. Each character must meet the activity requirements outlined in this post.

8. Events and game-plot will be handled by the mods.
If you have any suggestions, please feel free to make them here.

9. All hiatuses must be posted to the Hiatus/Drop Post, here.
Hiatus announcements are used for Activity Check, to determine whether you are exempt from posting for our activity periods.
❧ You must post to the hiatus post in order to be exempt from activity.
❧ You must reply to your original hiatus post and NOT delete it, so that we know you have returned.
❧ Hiatus periods may only last up to one month, unless special circumstances arise. You must inform the mods in advance if you need an extention.
❧ If you miss two consecutive Activity Checks due to hiatus, you will be dropped. If arranged in advance the maximum number of missed consecutive Activity Checks due to hiatus is two.

10. All drops must be posted to the Hiatus/Drop post, here.

11. Players are responsible for tagging their log and journal community posts.
Tags make finding specific logs and posts far easier, so please remember to tag! If you are still awaiting a tag, please contact a mod and we will add it in ASAP.

12. Please direct all game related questions to the mods.
If the FAQ does not answer your question then please feel free to e-mail us at squarewarts@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we are able. Alternatively, the mod contact information is available here.

13. Mod decisions are final.
If you have concerns with a mod decisions, or feel there are factors not taken in account, please contact us. This is not a guarantee that our decisions will be overturned. We ask our players to respect our decisions when they are stated as final.

14. Players must be mindful of the setting.
While we are totally okay with having more unstable or out and out evil characters, and we are willing to work with our players to allow for certain character types and plots, these need to be within reason. This is, after all, a school setting, and characters need to act in a manner where they would realistically not be expelled or fired. Please note that we are willing to accommodate and work with you, but we also need cooperation from the players on this issue. Keeping things under wraps or moderating their behaviour to tone them down are both totally acceptable. With regard to staff/student relationships, these are not allowed at Squarewarts, period. Staff/student interactions must remain platonic and school-appropriate, or risk serious IC repercussions, as well as a strike to the player under the three strikes policy.

15. Large-scale injuries, property damage and player plots require mod permission.
❧ Plots that might effect a larger group of characters in game
❧ Severe injuries and violence
❧ Large-scale roperty damage
All require mod permission before your proceed. You can either reply here with the forms provided, or e-mail us with the information.
We are likely to approve most plots, injuries, etc, however we do ask that you get permission in advance to ensure they fit the tone of the game.

16. Special abilities, powers, weapons and items require mod approval.
❧ If you have not yet apped a character, please email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com before you app to confirm your idea is acceptable, or if you need help translating it to the Harry Potter universe.
❧ If your character is already in game and you would like them to learn or acquire a special power/item/etc, please email the mods or reply here.
If your character has had a power accepted and you have not already done so, please fill in and the form(s) here with information on their power/item/etc so that other players can read about it too. For help translating a canon ability, please check out Branches of Magic page to see if there is anything that might help!

17. Please respect chat guidelines.
Chat can be found at squarewarts on AIM. The guidelines are as follows:
❧ Respect your fellow players. Don't harass for tags or be unpleasant to them.
❧ Keep chat fun. If a topic, certain words or phrases are likely to make others uncomfortable, do not bring them into chat. Players do have the right to ask you to stop and you should respect that request.
❧ If you want to question a mod decision, please do so in a private IM and not in chat.
❧ Please do not dominate chat with conversation only pertaining to your character or a topic that excludes the majority of chat for extended periods of time. If you need to, you can always discuss topics in a separate window.
❧ Do not enable or harass people to apply characters at Squarewarts, or join other games in chat.
❧ Finally, please remember this is the Squarewarts chatroom. Naturally other games will come up in conversation at times, however, if you would like to discuss another game at length, please do so in another window.

18. What's a chocobo?
To make sure you have read these rules, the mods request that you include the word “chocobo” in your app somewhere. Preferably somewhere discreet. If we cannot find this or the FAQ's code word your app will be rejected immediately.

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