Helper Moogle (the_help) wrote in squarewarts,
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☑ Moogle Catalogue

Gosh, kupo!
It’s been busy at Hogwarts lately! To make things easier for you, Headmaster Cid asked me to make up a few helpful announcements. Here is a list, so that you can find your way around easily!

Index, kupo! It's a sticky list.
This will be updated whenever I add something new. New posts will be added to both the my Moogle Journal and the Squarewarts Community, so wherever you check you can find everything easily.

Here is a list to all entries written prior to moving so that you can get to them directly from this community:

One, kupo! Wiki Information
Two, kupo! Welcome Moogles
Three, kupo! Crack Community
Four, kupo! Family Name Selection

We have more entries and posts on the way, but if there is anything you can think of that you’d like to see, leave a suggestion over at the Index! Hopefully it will be on the way all ready, but with all the things going on around here, you never know!

The rules and guidelines for the wiki have been updated! We have also added some additional folders to help keep things more organised, so please check them out to make sure you know where things are and where they go!
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