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❧ Rules
What is cool and not cool from an OOC standpoint. You need to read this before you can apply, and we include a hidden keyword that you MUST put in your app so that we know you have read this page and know what is acceptable in Squarewarts.

This should cover most of your starting questions concerning the game. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, or specific things concerning your character, please feel free to email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com. There is another required keyword hidden here that you need to put in for application in order for it to be accepted.

❧ Permissions
This is where you need to post in order to get special abilities, items or weaponry. It also has an outline for what is okay so far as violence and injuries and what we'd prefer you to get permission for.
You can use the forms on this page in your application, if you know what abilities, etc, you might like your character to have in advance. It also serves as an index of our current approved special abilities.

❧ Wiki
A work in progress, but the mods and players alike are working to build a complete picture of the world of Squarewarts! Players can make and edit pages for themselves, their characters and a bunch of other things. You can also use this as a resource to learn more. (The wiki is a strictly OOC tool, not an in-game resource.)
To request wiki access, please go HERE.

❧ Mod Contact
Feel free to talk to the mods! We are happy to answer your questions, help you figure stuff out for the game, or just chat about random things.

❧ Helper Moogle
As part of our mod team, we have two awesome helpers that make our Helper Moogle and Moomba team. This entry has an index of current Moogle entries, and they and our Moomba can both help you if you need community tags, a welcome moogle or wiki access.

❧ Suggestion Box
Things always come up that you might want to mention to the mods. If you have ideas for events, random day to day shenanigans, or even potential concerns that you would like to bring to the mods, please feel free to post here. Anon commenting is allowed and IP tracking is off.

❧ Announcements
This is where we post week change and any mod announcements. Basically the organisational side of Squarewarts. Only the mods, moomba and moogle post here.

❧ Journals
In the game, everyone at Hogwarts (staff, students and ghosts alike) is provided a journal that they can use to communicate with one another. These journals are essentially a network, where one can keep personal thoughts as well as reading the entries of others. The journal comm is where these entries are posted. Written, sound and visual entries are all fine!

❧ Logs
Any posts that involve interaction between characters that doesn't fall into the journal category. Want to have your character in the library and able to meet people, or maybe your professor has an appointment to speak to a coworker? This is the place! We allow action/quick logs and prose logging.

All out of character play announcements! This is where you can introduce yourself, let others know if you need to take a hiatus, or make a post to get ideas for character relations. Once a month the mods post a meme in this comm, either a getting to know you, character relations or praise/crit meme.

Where the silly stuff goes! Once every two weeks (alternating with week change) the moogle posts a meme, but players can post all fun stuff too! Fanfic, videos, art – anything fun and relating to Squarewarts can go here! Sometimes brainbleach is a good idea to keep on hand.

❧ Apply
Our applications page. More information on how to app, weekly application deadlines, as well as the application forms. This is the place to post your application once they are complete.

❧ Reserve
Check here before you app to make sure a character is not reserved, or in order to place a reserve on a character that you would like to play.

❧ Extra Character Request
Currently the character limit stands at seven. However, if you go to this page you can find information on how to request an increase in your personal character limit.

❧ Taken
Characters already in-game. Includes their House, age, year, teaching position or whether they are a ghost! Also pretty icons.

❧ Wanted
All characters are welcome, but here are some that people would especially like to see. If you are stuck for ideas on who to app, this might give you a place to start.

❧ Hiatus/Drop
You MUST post here if you are going on hiatus, so that the mods have a record for when we do Activity Check. Posts to the OOC comm are good to let your fellow players know if you will be gone or when you get back, but we really need players to post to the official entry.

❧ Player Contact ✖ Locked
We keep this locked to players for their privacy, but once you are accepted to the game this is a handy-dandy way to find out how to get in touch with your fellow Squarewartians.

❧ Spells, Creatures and Artifacts
If you have an idea for how to adapt a creature, a spell you would like to create for characters to use or a random artifact to exist in the world (other than an item or weapon specific to your character) then post them here for the mods to approve.

❧ Wands
Go here for information in wands and the various wand elements (woods and cores) available for characters in Squarewarts. It has guidelines for what wands need mod permission and what don't. If you have an idea for a potential wand core or wood, please go here.

❧ Inter-Player Issues
If you are having problems with another player, but feel the situation requires mod intervention, you can find information on what to do here.

❧ Squarewarts
Pretty much anything you need to know about life at Hogwarts.

❧ School Locations
Familiarise yourself with all the wacky corners of the school and grounds!

❧ Students
Tables of current students, broken down by the House and year they are in, with links to character pages.

❧ Staff
Tables of current staff, broken down by the subject they teach, with links to character and class pages.

❧ Ghosts
Table of current ghosts and spirits, broken down by House, with links to character pages (and the bestiary for NPC ghosts).

❧ Classes
A brief overview of the courses of study available to students at Hogwarts. It has links to the individual class pages. For information on timeturners and classes, please go here.

❧ Positions
A list about the Board of Governors, Heads of House and Prefects.

❧ Quidditch
The House quidditch teams and their Captains. For more information on the sport itself, go here.

❧ Clubs & Organisations
Like any school, Hogwarts has a range of extra curricular activities, some official and some... not so official.

❧ Points
Students can earn or lose house points through exemplary or... less exemplary behaviour, performance in class or any number of things. This page is where staff and student representatives can go to award and deduct points.

❧ Time Turners
Think your student could use a Time Turner? Go to this page for details on how to get one!

❧ Squarewarts: A History
A folder of past Events in game.

❧ About
The About page briefly sums up some of the political shifts and perils that have faces the world in which squarewarts is set in the ten years before the game timeline.

❧ Overview
This folder primarily contains information related to the world of Squarewarts that does not involve the school directly. Anything from the materials from which you can craft your character's to information on other schools of magic, to any different facet that may be useful or just plain interesting for IC or OOC knowledge.

❧ Branches of Magic
For a setting that combines elements of Final Fantasy and the Harry Potter series, we decided to create specialised branches of magic to help better reflect canon abilities adapted to the game. This page goes into some detail on each of the branches of magic.

❧ Ministry of Magic
The Ministry of Magic is the governing political body of Wizarding Britain. Visit here to find out about the different Departments and who is running them!

❧ NPCs
Curious about the NPCs in game? Here you can find out more about their backstory, personalities and their roles in the world of Squarewarts!

❧ Bestiary
Here there be monsters! Creatures from canons other than Harry Potter that have been adapted for the Squarewarts universe. Including, but not limited to, pokemon and monsters from the Final Fantasy series!

❧ World Locations
Find out more information about other school and locations outside Hogwarts!
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