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All questions should be directed here before asking the mods directly. If a question you have is not answered here, please email us at squarewarts@gmail.com! It is highly likely that if one person is unsure of something that they won't be the only one. Asking us assures that it will be added for everyone to see.

Q: Can I join even though I haven't read the books at all?
Yes, of course! Some basic knowledge of the setting is helpful, but this can be gained by watching one of the films or simply exploring the Harry Potter Lexicon or Harry Potter Encyclopedia. You can also go to the Squarewarts wiki for game specific information!

Q: How does in-game time move?
Two real-life weeks is equal to one in-game week. If you have questions regarding this, please contact the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com.

Q: How do journals work?
As a school for magic, muggle technology does not exist at Hogwarts. Instead, characters are provided with an enchanted journal which they can use to write and record entries, as well as read those written by others over this journal network. Charms allow entries and comments to be private to certain characters.

Q: How is activity checked in Squarewarts?
Squarewarts requires that its players are active with one post every two weeks for each character they play. For a further breakdown and detailed explanation of this process, please refer to THIS POST.

Q: How does posting order work?
When in larger threads like classrooms and events it is highly necessary to keep some sort of posting order. The order will usually be the order characters posted at the start of the log, with others added in as they join. It is helpful if the starter of the log adds an OOC note about the order once the thread gets moving. If you're unsure about the order, ask the starter of the thread.

Unless otherwise arranged with other log participants, you should assume that a posting order is in place.

Q: What type of series are allowed?
Characters from almost any kind of published series can be adapted to fit into Squarewarts, including books, manga, anime, animated series, comic books, television shows, films and video games.
While we are open to people applying for fictional adaptations of mythological or legendary characters, we cannot allow the application of real people, historical or religious figures.

If you are unsure about the character you want to app, please contact the mods for assistance with developing a backstory. While characters with particularly dark or gruesome backstories can be more difficult to apply, we are happy to work with you as best we can.

Q: Can I take a character from Harry Potter?
Sorry, but no characters from the Harry Potter series can be applied to the game. Its plot is entirely separate from the Harry Potter series, and adapting the characters could be challenging in the absence of a Dark Lord and Death Eaters.

Q: Is there a character limit?
Each person is allowed seven characters to begin with, three of which may be staff members. Based on player activity, this limit can go up to ten. Please see the extra character requests page for more information.

Q: Can I have more than one character from a series?
Players can have two characters per series as long as these characters will not require interaction with each other, such as family members. This is to prevent a person from roleplaying with themselves, as that's not the purpose of an RPG. We do allow a third character per canon, but this is subject to mod approval. Please see the extra character requests page for more information.

Character Questions

Q: I would like my character to be a student, yet they are older or younger than they need to be in canon. Can I change that?
Of course! This is AU so as long as it isn't too much of a stretch we won't mind at all.

Q: Can my character originally be from another country or school (Durmstrang, Beauxbatons)?
If it fits with your character's canon, they may certainly be from another school or country, however we would like to see a reason for this being the case in the app.

Q: Can my character have a specilized ability or be non-human?
For example: vampires, animagus, metamorphagus, and other superhuman abilities significant to the character or background of a character.
These characters are very rare in Harry Potter canon, but we realize this is a perfect way to translate some aspects of canon. However, we request that you email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com prior to applying. Special abilities, etc, will only be granted to translate a canon ability important to the character

Any plots involving characters gaining a specialized ability must also be run past the mods for approval, in order to avoid characters becoming unrealistically powerful for the setting.

Q: What positions can my character hold?
Heads of House, Head Boy and Girl, Board Members, Prefects, Quidditch Captains and team members are all positions open to players. All of these will be selected by the mods, from players who express interest in specific characters holding that position. While some positions are already taken, feel free to express interest in a position so that your character might be added to the reserve list should something become available.

Q: Can I have more than one Quidditch player for a character?
Each player is allowed two Quidditch players, however the characters must be in separate Houses.

Q: Some of the staff positions haven't been filled. Does this mean that this class doesn't exist and my character can't take it?
Nope! Just as we assume the classes that do have teachers to be ongoing, even if they aren't logged. If a class is currently without a member of staff to teach it, it is just assumed that an unmentioned NPC is teaching it until that position is filled.

Q: Can we refer to spells, magical creatures and artifacts not mentioned in canon?
We are open to non-Harry Potter canon spells, artifacts and creatures being mentioned. For spells to be used by a character in a log, you must first get the spell approved here. Animals and artifacts must be submitted and approved at the same page. For further information on those items, spells and creatures already approved, please visit the wiki.

If you want an item or non-approved animal to be owned by your character at school, you must first e-mail the mods email at squarewarts@gmail.com.

Q: I just joined and the RPG is in the middle of the school year. Does that make my character a new or transfer student?
Because large numbers of transfer students would be strange, we would discourage that being part of your app. Instead we suggest that your character could have lost their journal or simply been too busy to pay attention! Absence from school or transfer remain a possibility, but require logical reasoning.

Q: Can my character have a pet?
Yes! We welcome pets, although if you want your character to have something not on the approved pet page, you must email the mods.

Q: Can my character have an invisibility cloak?
No, invisibility cloaks are extremely rare within the Harry Potter world. If you really wish to make your character invisible there are cloaking spells that can be used. Maybe not as good as the cloak, but it gets the job done.

Q: Can my character kill another character?
At this point, no characters can kill another character. It would render them both unplayable, either through imprisonment or the death itself.

Q: Can my character have killed in the past?
We are open to this, depending on the circumstances. If you wish your character to have killed in their backstory, please email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com so we may discuss it.

Q: Can I mention a character that is not taken in the game already?
Significant canon ties may be mentioned, however if said character is apped in the future that player is not expected to conform with whatever statements you may have made concerning their character.

Q: Phoenix?
If you read the rules (which you should have) you would know that there is a keyword hidden that you must include in your appliction. We also ask that "phoenix" is added in your application to prove that you have also read the FAQ. If both are not included, we are sorry to inform you that your application will be rejected immediately.

Player Issues

Q: I've been waiting for someone to reply for several days now, what do I do?
In every case, please try contacting the mun after a few days. If inactivity continues for the total of a seven day period without contact, you are free to skip that turn. If someone has given warning of a slow period, we ask that you respect that and allow them to complete their tag when they are available.

Q: I'm having a problem with another player, what do I do?
If you can't work it out with the player, please contact the mods immediately. You may do so by emailing us at squarewarts@gmail.com or get a hold of one of us through the mod contact page. Please keep your problems out of the communities and chat, and please remember that OOC and IC do not overlap.

Q: I don't like the House my character was sorted into, can I get it changed?
Houses are chosen based off the personality and samples put within the application. That is to say, in most cases no. If you really don't like the House your character was sorted in, you can email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com with a valid reason why they absolutely do not fit in to the House they were put in.

Q: My application was rejected, can I re-apply?
While it is highly unlikely we will out rightly reject your character, we will allow one re-application per character you are applying for.

Q: What should I do if I have another game-related concern or question?
If you require any help or have concerns that you would like to bring to the attention to the mod team regarding player contact or the game in general, we encourage you to email us at squarewarts@gmail.com. If you wish to contact us anonymously, feel free to do so at the Suggestion Box.

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