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Before you submit your app, you must find the keywords hidden in the Rules and FAQ pages!
If these are not included somewhere in your app as proof that you have read these pages, your app will be rejected!

Applications are closed, unless you have a current reserve.

Character Availability
Please check the Reserve and Taken Characters page before you apply, to make sure that the character you want is available!

Staff Positions
A player is allowed up to three staff positions, as long as the character well-fitted for the job. However, if you want to play more than one staff member, you must have at least one student, and for more than two, you need at least two students. If you already have a student, or a staff member will be your first character, go ahead! Please note that we do have one additional staff activity check, which you can read about here.

For staff positions, you may reserve a position, and the years preferred, if applicable. (Check here to see which staff positions are open!) If you don't see a staff position that will fit your character, please email the mods at squarewarts@gmail.com to suggest a class! Please keep in mind that classes do need to be appropriate to the setting.

Application requirements
Please assume that the moderators are unfamiliar with the canon and character you are applying, and write enough to show a strong understanding of the character. We suggest a minimum of 250 words for the personality and 350 words for the history.

Special Powers, Abilities, Weapons & Items
Since this is a school-based RP, we'd like to try and avoid any characters (in particular students) from being too powerful for the game setting. For example, the translation of special abilities or weapons they have in their canon could prove problematic, in some instances.

If your character has a particular weapon, item, power or just something different about them that you would like to translate into the game, please use the forms from the Permissions Post and add them to your app!

Quidditch & Prefect positions are limited
Please check here for available Quidditch postions and here for available Prefect positions. If the position you want is taken, please note that you are still interested in the position in your app so that your character can be added to the list of reserves.

Better be sorted
If you cannot choose which House your character should be sorted into, please provide a rationale for each House. If you provide a rationale for a particular House, that does not necessarily mean the Sorting Hat will agree, based on the personality provided in your application.

Original Characters are now available!
Players who have been in Squarewarts with a canon character for a minimum of three months now have the option for applying for an original character! They have a separate application page and process. Applications and further information can be found here.

If you are apping someone with a close canon relationship to a character already in game, we suggest talking to the players of said characters to work out backgrounds. This is of course fully optional. When you apply please be aware that people may wish to app characters that are canonically close to yours as well. We ask that you be open to reworking backgrounds should those apping into game ask about it--though once again the choice is ultimately yours.

Finally, we have specific applications for Staff, Students and Ghosts. Please make sure to select the correct application to submit.

Student Application:

Staff Application:

Ghost Application:

All applications for dropped characters and withdrawn applications are screened! If you are the original applicant please log into the journal you applied with to see them. If you have trouble viewing them, please contact the mods. Thank you.

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