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Event End Post

The event has now concluded! Backlogging to the event logs are welcome and encouraged, though, and those posts will be staying open indefinitely so you can log away to your hearts content.

General Log
Hospital Wing Log
Hogwarts Express/The Garden Log

If you still want to get in on some stuff for your character to do and build some CR, feel free to hit the OOC planning post over here. There is also the post planning evacuation related things over here.

So, what happened?
❧ 12:00pm; Astraea offered student evacuation in a journal, Here.
Evacuation lasted for a four hour window, after which wards were put in place.
❧ 10:00pm; Pandora announced the impending inferi army, Here.

❧ 12:00am; Ultimecia, her necromancer cohorts and a whole bunch of inferi arrived at the castle. Hogwarts was torn into a void dimension so that help could not be summon. See narrative Here.
❧ 12:15am; Demetrius does an entry announcing that the horde as arrived and setting up new plans following the falling of the wards, Here.
❧ 1:00am; Demetrius and Pandora start working together for some Big Solutions. See narrative Here.

❧ 5:00pm; Ultimecia makes an entry after being a creeper and watching the school get torn apart, Here.
❧ 5:30pm; Edea does an entry to help people stay calm, Here. This is where evacuation planning also commences.
❧ 6:00pm; Conlaed does a journal to get Ulti's attention, Here.
❧ 7:00pm; Astraea and Conlaed commence some intense magic. See narrative Here.
❧ 7:00-11:00pm; Cid and Edea engage Ultimecia. See narrative Here.

Following Ultimecia's defeat, please assume all remaining inferi and necromancers were wiped out by the collected efforts of staff and students.

Thankfully, no staff or student lives were lost during the invasion on the castle, although grievous injuries were suffered.

As for your characters...
Feel free to discuss them OOCly here, either to just update on what happened with your characters for the sake of their close CR and ideas for IC follow up! It could even be a good window to help expand CR in general.

After week change, an aftermath log will be posted set a Recovery Location, but aside from that, feel free to go about journalling and logging as you normally do.

We will also be posting a class log, but feel free to be a bit liberal as to the specific time when classes are set, should you chose to post to that for Activity Check with your professor characters, or they can just be optional tutoring session. We'll include more info on that in the class log itself.

Thank you very much, Squarewartians! We hope you had a great time.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns, feel free to talk to us here, via email at squarewarts@gmail.com, instant messenger or the anon-enabled Suggestion Box.
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