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Week 66

Week Sixty-Six

Look out in the journal comm for Cid's weekly letter!

OOC Announcements

Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlepeople because there's a bit coming your way. Upcoming is the Heads of House meeting, the class log (classes are cancelled, but there is more of this in the actual post), Cid's letter and, of course, a recovery log.

If you play a student character who did something you feel is worthy of points - being given, or taken! - during this event, please reply here with their house and what it was they did so that we don't all confuse ourselves trying to sort that out in and OOC manner.

Gryffindor: 711 points
Slytherin: 708 points
Ravenclaw: 620 points
Hufflepuff: 450 points

MONDAY - The weather is eerily still and almost like...nothing is changing, until the school arrives back at reality.
TUESDAY - It's a warm, calm day with a soft breeze, although there appears to be a hint of cloud on the horizon.
WEDNESDAY - Still fairly warm, but those clouds have rolled in now.
THURSDAY - Raining on and off throughout the day.
FRIDAY - No more rain, but still overcast
SATURDAY - The clouds give a goodbye shower before disappearing for the rest of the day.
SUNDAY - Sun! A nice, cloudless day, good for relaxing.

Have a great event or plot ideas you'd like to share? Then be sure to put it in the Suggestion Box!

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