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Staff Activity Changes

Hey Squares and Warts!

Todays announcement is bought to you by the theme of Staff.

We've had a few concerns with staff come up over time; difficulty getting CR, troubles getting them out and about, and a lack of equality in terms of activity requirements between professors and those staff members who don't teach a class.

Currently, the extra activity check for professors is that they must post to a class log once a month, while other staff members need only post to the staff meeting. We've decided to even this out, and in the process provide a helpful window for those staff characters who might be a little more reticent and make it easier to make and maintain CR with them.

From October onwards, all staff will be required to post once a month to our OOC class log, which will now be OOC staff logs.

For example;
Vanille has to post once a month with a Care of Magical Creatures class for years 3-5.
Basch will also have to post in once a month as Game Keeper; he might be fixing fences, administering medication to a sickly chocobo, or in his Game Keeper lodge if someone needs to find him and doesn't want to go traipsing the grounds.

As other examples, the nurses could simply post a thread so students with bumps and bruises can come to see them in the Hospital Wing or staff can visit their office, the counsellors can have counseling sessions, gardeners could be attempting to shape bushes into dragons, and the chefs could be putting up with the various students who invade their kitchen to bake cakes.

This will hopefully make it easier for staff to network and get CR without overwhelming themselves with specific logs, and make the AC requirements more even between professors and other staff members.

Our first staff/class log for September can be found HERE. This is not required for September AC since we are already a week into the month, but it will be required from October onwards. Staff meeting logs will no longer be required for anyone, but we will continue posting them because they are fun and handy.

If you have any feedback, suggestions, questions or concerns, feel free to talk to us here, via email at squarewarts@gmail.com, instant messenger or the anon-enabled Suggestion Box.
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