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Headmaster Cid

Week 67

Week Sixty-Seven

Look out in the journal comm for Cid's weekly letter!

OOC Announcements

To get the characters back into routine, there is a Quidditch match this week! The Prefect meeting will be hitting the comm soon, and classes are resuming as per normal.

Gryffindor: 711 points
Slytherin: 708 points
Ravenclaw: 620 points
Hufflepuff: 460 points

MONDAY - Say goodbye to that sunshine - Hogwarts wakes up to morning drizzle that soon clears but leaves the sky cloudy.
TUESDAY - The clouds are still there, along with some afternoon rain.
WEDNESDAY - The heavens open! Showers on and off throughout the day.
THURSDAY - Sporadic showers, but the clouds appear to be moving out.
FRIDAY - The clouds start thinning out again - maybe some sun in time for Quidditch?
SATURDAY - Sun in time for Quidditch! It's pretty windy, but warm as autumn goes.
SUNDAY - The sunshine trend continues - shame for those stuck indoors in the Prefect meeting.

Have a great event or plot ideas you'd like to share? Then be sure to put it in the Suggestion Box!

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