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Activity Check Results

I bring you our Activity Check results for September, as per this post.

Drops and Hiatuses MUST be posted to our Drop/Hiatus entry. If you do not post to that entry, and instead simply post to the OOC comm, then it it not counted! The mods are not responsible for going through the comms to see if you posted.

We have divided the list of results into three sections. Please check under the cut for the Activity Check results and the explanations for each section!


Characters on this list either failed activity requirements for both periods (or one period if they were on the Inactive list last Activity Check), resulting in an automatic drop, or failed to respond to Activity Check by the specified date. Activity Check is automatically failed for those on hiatus over a month, if they have not contacted the mods. Those that failed activity for both periods must wait one week before they may reapply. Those that did not respond to Activity Check but were active may respond to this post with their activity and reapply as soon as they like.
Castiel Novak
Elaine Mallory
Garion Rivanthe
Kaoru Ichinose
Sam Winchester

Characters on this list failed activity requirements for one activity period. In order to avoid an automatic drop next Activity Check, these characters MUST complete activity requirements for BOTH periods this month.

Dean Venture
Integra Hellsing
Soma Asman Cadart


Characters on this list did not need to reply! Characters are exempt from having to fulfill activity requirements for the activity period in which they are apped. Inactivity may also be excused due to a post on our hiatus post. Players must post to this post for their hiatus to be considered valid. If your hiatus takes up a week of an activity period, you are considered exempt from that period.

Akira Maeda
Chao Lingshen
Dean Winchester
Drusilla Covington
Harry Dresden
Jo Harvelle
Ichigo Kurosaki
Lucy Heartphilia
Nanao Ise
Soubi Agatsuma
Zell Dincht

Dropped characters will be removed from the communities, if your active character is removed accidentally, please let us know so we can re-add them!

Please contact us if you spot any errors or have any queries. Stay fabulous!
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