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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's right, folks! Hogwarts has once again been hit with a bad batch of De-Aging Potion - some student's idea of a prank, no doubt, and this time it's in your Pumpkin Juice! The Moogles don't know how many batches have been hit yet, so the effects start kicking in Wednesday morning and will continue for the foreseeable future.

The guidelines~
- This event is, as always, optional
- You may de-age your student to age six (6) and no younger. This applies to both students and staff!
- This event affects a character physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Your character will not only look like they are 9, but will behave like they are as well. Enjoy that :'D

If you have a journal of a younger version of your character that you would like to use for the duration of this event in order to get around that pesky icon issue, feel free to join the journal and logs comm with it for the duration of this event - just request permission to join and then comment to this entry so we know who you are!
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