1000 needles of helpfulness! (evenmoar_help) wrote in squarewarts,
1000 needles of helpfulness!


Hey Squarewartians!

This is just Adri in an exciting new journal! And with this journal, I bring news.
Due to RL commitments I'm stepping down from my position as a moderator in the game. However, I am going to be a helper, which means I will be doing the crack memes, monthly memes and wiki maintenance under the glorious title of Helper Cactuar. (Not that they are especially helpful in any of the FF games I have played thus far :|a)

If you need any help with the wiki, feel free to get in touch with me, and I will do my best to assist.
I've also just set up a post so that if you have seen a meme you really like, or have an idea for one you'd like to do, you can just poke me with a suggestion OVER HERE.

o7 And I do believe that is everything. ♥
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