Kweh! Helper Chocobo! (somemoar_help) wrote in squarewarts,
Kweh! Helper Chocobo!

vamo alla flamenco~!

Hello everyone! This is Robyn, and I have been appointed to Helper Chocobo status by the lovely modladies. I'll be handling the Taken page, for all your delicious taken needs. Both pages should be up to date for the most part, and have been given pretty new html! Aww yeah~ You cats and kittens can view them HERE and HERE!

If you ever notice any errors, borked html, if I've forgotten someone or if someone needs to be taken out, just holla! And I'll get to it as soon as I can. As always, I can be contacted via AIM on limits breaking or aegisol.

Have a happy Wednesday,

- robyn.
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