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Week 70

Week Seventy

Look out in the journal comm for Cid's weekly letter!

OOC Announcements

The trolls are all cleared out in time for Monday morning classes - sorry kids, no time off! There'll be more on this in Cid's weekly letter. The meeting for this week is Student Representative, and there have recently been some changes to the prefects so check the Positions Page on the Wiki just in case ♥ And this week is Hogsmeade Week!

Oh, and a reminder that teachers and Prefects are allowed to take points! The post is linked every week change, or you can find it in this comm using the Link Directory or the 'House Points' tag.

Gryffindor: 711 points
Slytherin: 703 points
Ravenclaw: 620 points
Hufflepuff: 460 points

MONDAY - Bam, and the sun is gone. No rain yet, but the day definitely has a chill
TUESDAY - The sun peeks out a little today, but it's still cold enough to merit a jacket
WEDNESDAY - The sun is a tease, and you should stop seeing her. Cloudy and cold.
THURSDAY - And here comes that rain, although it's warmed up just the tiniest bit!
FRIDAY - The kind of rain that makes it look like you had a bucket tipped over your head when you step outside.
SATURDAY - There's a downpour in the morning, but it clears up by mid afternoon.
SUNDAY - YEAH SUN! Wow these Sundays lately have been really aptly named.

Have a great event or plot ideas you'd like to share? Then be sure to put it in the Suggestion Box!

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