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Hi, Squarewartians! You might have noticed there have been a few changes around the place lately! Namely there are two mods and one of them has been failing horribly at posting the weekly newsletter. In order to spread the NPCing out more evenly and give Edea more to do, we've decided that she and Cid will be co-Heading the school together. So Edea's come back from all the investigations of Ultimecia's attack on Hogwarts, and it was decided that her actions were totally bamf and saved everyone, so she should help Cid run the school. She has lots of experience with children, what with running The Garden and all, so she will be a nice and gentle addition. Since Hogwarts seems to value having a male and female for most positions, it feels right that they'd have one of each as Head of the school, too.

In addition to this, it's time to say goodbye to the Board. In the end, the plot we had in mind for the game really wasn't suitable for something that had been brought in right in the middle - it really needed to be started from the beginning. As for in-character reasoning, the Board was there to figure out what was causing all the unexplainable weirdness earlier in the year, and since Ultimecia's defeat, the weirdness has been normal Hogwarts shenanigans, not worth keeping them around for, so they're off to continue working in the Ministry and keeping an eye on school things from afar. In lieu of having one overarching plot, however, we're thinking of doing more sort of mini-arc events until game end, like with the Ultimecia attack, and getting the players involved more. And speaking of game end, we've had a really great run here at Squarewarts, but all good things must come to an end (;A;!), and at this point our tentative end game date is in early April, with the endgame event lasting through until the beginning of May, after which the game will remain as a musebox for those players who stayed through until endgame.

So, keeping that in mind, the two of us would like to know - what do you want to see more of in the game? We want to make these last few months as \m/ totally awesome \m/ as possible, in particular endgame, so if there are things you would like to see, either in said months leading up to, or inthe actual end game event, drop us a note! Either here or in the Suggestions Box is great ♥

Stay excellent Squarewartians! We love you~
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