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Week 75

Week Seventy Five

OOC Announcements

Hey kids! Your mods re discussing a couple of things and also focussing on that pesky RL thing right now, so we'll get back to you on the event front. In the meantime, Hogsmeade!

The meeting for this week is the Staff meeting!

A reminder that teachers and Prefects are allowed to take points! The post is linked every week change, or you can find it in this comm using the Link Directory or the 'House Points' tag.

Gryffindor: 751 points
Slytherin: 683 points
Ravenclaw: 625 points
Hufflepuff: 465 points

MONDAY - Still raining, but the temperature's not so awful.
TUESDAY - No rain today, but the temp takes a drop!
WEDNESDAY - The rain is also absent today, and castle inhabitants may hallucinate some actual heat coming from the sun.
THURSDAY - Weather was trolling. Back comes the rain, in showers.
FRIDAY - Now it's just being an ass. Hardcore rain, all day.
SATURDAY - Lots and lots of rain.
SUNDAY - Less rain! And warmer!
Have a great event or plot ideas you'd like to share? Then be sure to put it in the Suggestion Box!

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