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Hey Squarewartians!

Your mods have been discussing a few things over the past couple of weeks, about the game and our position as mods, and we’ve come to a couple of decisions that y’all should know about.

Basically, we have both been modding for a long time now and while we both love the game, Real Life is kicking our asses, and we’ve sort of burnt ourselves out on it to the point where neither one of us can see ourselves staying on as a mod for much longer. So it is that we’d like to ask the comm if there’s anyone who would be willing to step up and become a full time moderator of squarewarts , in place of us. We’d need at least two players to step, and you’d have to be prepared to fully take on the running of the game, so please don’t offer if you’re not going to have the time or energy to deal with being in charge of a medium sized/paced game.

If no one (or not enough people) would like to take that position, the two of us have decided to turn the game into a private game/musebox earlier than planned. Applications would close, but Activity Check , Character Limits and Permissions would be lifted, and you would be able to play out your characters in the world as you wished. The communities would remain locked, but if you wanted to add a new journal feilyn would be staying on as maintainer for the sole purpose of accepting whatever journal you wanted to the comms.

These weren’t easy decisions to come to by any means, but please understand that this is what we feel would be best for the game, and best for us personally. We love you all, and thank you so much for making squarewarts such a wonderful place to be for the past two and a half years.

If you are interested in becoming a mod, please reply to this entry with a little blurb about why; comments will be screened, and we'll let everyone know what's going down in a week.

Stay Excellent!
~Icky and Fei

[ETA] In the case of us taking the latter course, the following would definitely be possible:
- Joining the comms with old characters that you once played here.
- Joining the comms with characters that you have never played here, but wanna.
- Old players rejoining the comms again, if they want to play their characters in the setting.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reply to the entry and the post will be edited to answer them.
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