Event update!


Cid and Edea have requested that staff and students immediately commence evacuating the castle, and regrouping in the Gapra Whitewood. The journal where this plan got started up is over here.

If you could have your staff and students begin this evacuation, that would be totally awesome. Evacuation shenanigans can be logged in the Big Event Log.


Feel free to use this post for planning and co-ordinating evacuation related stuff.

Anniversary Event;

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Squarewarts!

We've come a long way, and we're having an extra action-packed event to celebrate it.

The Dark Witch Ultimecia has descended on the school with her cohorts.
Her last appearance outside of Azkaban was nine years ago, in a battle on the Hogwarts grounds with Headmaster Cid Kramer. Her sentence to a Dementor's Kiss, supposedly carried out scant weeks ago, was apparently... less than effective.

In order to separate Hogwarts from the outside world and prevent interference from the Ministry, the Jedi Order, or any other agency, Ultimecia has also taken drastic action. For the duration of this event, Hogwarts will be torn from the normal world, essentially making it inaccessible. This means that all characters, the Hogwarts grounds and the castle itself, will be temporarily existing in a void while the castle is under attack.

Dark forces, explosions, chaos; it'll be happening in abundance. What will your character do? How will they react?

If you would like to get more information on Ultimecia and her reputation, please visit her wiki page. Please note that she is not currently in the castle – the mods will keep you posted as to her movements.

What else is there to this event?
Injury and damage limits are lifted for this event.
Injuries, destruction - whatever you want, short of death and murder. Go wild!
Will your character be helping or hindering? In the chaos there is a lot they can get away with.
You must still get mun permission before you injure or incapacitate someone else's character.

Injuries, fighting and destruction = Yes. Godmodding and powergaming = No.
If you're unsure about an idea, feel free to ask the mods.

The Horde has descended.
A few hours before Ultimecia's arrival, legions of inferi began an attack on the castle. There are basic inferi, and Special Inferi – more information is available further down.

Players are able to control NPC villains!
Rather than having to wait on someone else operating the inferi or Ultimecia's followers, players can write them in or out of logs (or narratives) at their own discretion, allowing for far speedier tagging and progress than if you were relying on a mod-driven NPC.

Please note: Ultimecia's followers are all wearing dark red robes and white porcelain masks, reminiscent of Venetian carnival masks. They are not recognisable characters.

Traps will be set.
Ultimecia's followers are making things more complicated. They are laying invisible traps, which will capture your character either alone, or with others, and set a challenge for them that they must complete to escape the trap. Until they pass these tests, they will be held back by a magical barrier, that you can assume that you character will NOT be able to deactivate. (If they have a special ability you think would allow them to, talk to a mod BEFORE you have them do this.)

These might force them to turn against each other; for example, maybe one of them has to be incapacitated before the magical barrier will be dropped, or they must fulfill a task to the benefit of NPCs, like destroying a hallway.

If they can't get out, NPCs could find them, inferi could find them, their friends outside could go unprotected - there are any number of motivators. Make up the rules for these traps as you like.

The trap will inform the characters via an inscription written in light what they must do.

There is non-combat stuff for your characters to do as well!
Trauma and despair are not required! Nor is conflict or drama; we just like to stir them up sometimes.
If you'd like your character to go unscathed or do other things, they are free to. Here are some suggestions:

❧ Trying to get others out of the castle
❧ Hiding in the forest (with all the fun things that live there)
❧ Hiding in... other places
❧ Setting counter-traps
❧ Barricading and fortifying various parts of the castle - towers, greenhouses, etc
❧ Search and rescue
❧ Healing injured parties

Feel free to come up with other stuff, too!
The option of sending your characters home just prior to this event is also open, if you'd rather they weren't part of this event. However, we'd far rather work out something for them to do that you're okay with, so feel free to get in touch with us.

The attack will be spanning in-game Friday through Sunday.
We will post a log where you can just post threads for various activities. After week-change we will also post a recovery log.

(For an example of a previous multi-purpose event log, please see HERE.)

What are the Inferi like?
We have a page on the inferi of Squarewarts that you can read HERE. This combines aspects from Harry Potter canon and other series, and naturally they are entirely magically based and have nothing to do with infectious diseases.

We also loosely base our inferi on the zombies of the Left 4 Dead series.
Here are some descriptions of what the different “classes” of inferi and can do, and further down there are some videos.

Collapse )

Collapse )

Please be aware that these are intro clips from mature-rated games about zombies, and thus are accordingly kind of gross and bloody, kind of violent, and have some language factor.
That said, they are also totally awesome.

Collapse )

Most importantly, have fun, Squares and Warts!
We love playing with you guys, and it's a pleasure to have you all in the game. The Mod Team wants to thank all of you for being super awesome, and making this a fun place to be. ♥

If you have any questions about this event, please free to get in touch with us!

This post is also doubling as an OOC planning post!
If you have ideas or need to get some, feel free to come up with things here.

Activity Check!




Here's a refresher of what we need from you! Please comment to this post with the following:

Player Name
Character Name(s)


Link to one instance of activity per period per character. The activity periods for this AC are August 1 - August 15 and August 16 - August 31.

Acceptable methods of passing an activity period are as follows:

✓ A log tag
✓ A journal post
✓ A narrative post
✓ 5+ tags in an OOC log
✓ An action/quick log tag
✓ A journal thread (5+ comments by your character)


If you are on hiatus for one week or more of an activity period, you are exempt from that period. New characters are exempt for the period in which they were accepted.

If one or more of your characters fails one activity period, but passes the other, the character(s) will be marked as 'inactive.' Any character on the inactive list will be required to pass both activity periods the next month, or is considered an automatic drop.

Here is a handy text box! You have until 11:59 EST September 7 to reply to this entry with your links!

Those of you who play professors, please add this and link to the required class log for the month! If you don't do the class log and aren't exempt, you're auto-inactive with that character, so please remember to do them!


AC Reminder!

Hark, Squarewartians! As hopefully most of you know, it is August 25 (Squarewarts Standard Time [EST]), and Activity Check rolls around on the first of August! This means you have until 11:59pm EST August 31 to pass the second activity period, or risk being put on the inactive list, or even worse, dropped! And no one wants that, so make sure you post within the timeframe!

Thanks, and be excellent to each other!

A request!


Just a request – if you guys can put off setting up any logs/journals that are set after Thursday evening this in-game week for the moment, that would be awesome.

There is no reason for this at all why would you even think that.

Week 65

Week Sixty-Five

Look out in the journal comm for Cid's weekly letter!

OOC Announcements

The staff meeting and class log will be going up soon! Other than that, there is absolutely nothing happening this week why would you even think that. This includes the projected mini-Event that was noted on the Calendar, which will now be happening at a later date.

Slytherin: 708 points
Gryffindor: 651 points
Ravenclaw: 580 points
Hufflepuff: 410 points

MONDAY - The rain continues, although the sun starts to peek out from between the clouds.
TUESDAY - Sun! Today is a good day for flying for those of you who enjoy that sort of thing.
WEDNESDAY - The sun is out all day, but the air takes on a cold chill and it's very windy.
THURSDAY - The clouds roll back in. It starts to rain during the evening, and doesn't leave off.
FRIDAY - Still raining. The sun has totally disappeared behind the clouds, which are an angry grey.

Have a great event or plot ideas you'd like to share? Then be sure to put it in the Suggestion Box!

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Greetings, Gentle Squarewartians!

This is strictly a temporary thing, but for the September 1 and September 8 app acceptance days, applications will be closed. If you want to get your character in before September 15 when we will resume accepting, you have until Tuesday August 24, 11.59pm EST to get your application in, or it will be put on hold until apps open again.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, as always you can feel free to drops us a line over at or head over to the Suggestions Box!

Stay excellent, Squares and Warts~
-The Mod Team


Hey Squares and Warts!

Just posting here to remind everyone about the most recent Character Relations Meme that went up a few days ago. Our memes stay open forever, so you have plenty of time to comment in, and reply to other people to help build up your CR.

I just wanted to let you all know about it, just in case you don't have the OOC comm on your flists, or don't check it separately. From now on we are going to be alternating the Crit/Praise meme and the Character Relations meme so that each one will be every other month, and cutting the OOC meme.

These memes go up on the 15th of each month, so make sure you check the comm so you don't miss them!

Stay lovely, Squarewartians~

Player articles for the Daily Prophet!

Hey Squares and Warts!

Here is a post, in which your mods will be proposing an idea!

As you may have noticed, from time to time we put together Daily Prophet articles, which are then posted for your pleasure by the lovely NPC, Pandora Driscoll. You might have also noticed our stories are pretty varied and all over the place, relating to in game events, articles on muggle sports or the announcement of Banana Yaya's concert tour.

The purpose of the Prophet posts is to give people a taste of the world in which Squarewarts is set. We do realise, however, that with such a big range of characters and AUs, both originating in the magical and muggle worlds, there is a lot of history and a lot of potential for bringing more of the world into Hogwarts. We have so many different stories altogether, that it'd be great to raise IC awareness of different things.

So, here is the deal! If you would like to write an article for the Prophet, we would love to include it.
For example; the Cult of Zeref, activities of Dark Jedi, the war in magical China, rumours circulating in wizarding France – all of these are potential article topics, and you are all free to explore them.

It might be for the best if the people who have adapted certain elements wrote the articles pertaining to those subjects, to ensure that there aren't misunderstandings concerning events related to the backgrounds of other players' characters, but that isn't a strict requirement; we simply recommended good communication if you want to tackle them.

We can't guarantee that we can use every article or idea, and which issue they are included it nmight depend on potential game plot or events that we are working with, but if you get in touch with us then we would love to work with you as best we can.

For examples of our past Daily Prophet posts, please go HERE.

Questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome! You can contact us via emailing, IM or the anon-enabled Suggestion Box.



Hi, Squares & Warts!

The THURSDAY morning of Week 64, staff and students may awaken to find themselves inexplicably drawn to other residents of the castle, unable to resist the magnetic pull in that direction. Once the characters are together, they will find themselves incapable of moving farther than two meters away from each other.

As for the tweest, here is a handy guide to distance apart vs. effect on the character.

Stage 1 - 0.0 meters apart: Characters will experience no discomfort.

Stage 2 - 0.5 meters apart : Characters will be mildly uncomfortable, as if their entire body is covered in pins and needles.

Stage 3 - 1.0 meters apart : Characters will be moderately uncomfortable, staring to feel a burning, stinging pain, like sunburns and bees.

Stage 4 - 1.5 meters apart : Characters will be severely uncomfortable, beginning to experience body-wide muscle cramps and headaches.

Stage 5 - 2.0 meters apart : Characters will be incapacitated by a blinding migraine of death.

The effects are cumulative so, for example, if a character reaches Stage 5, they will be experiencing all levels of pain at once.

The results of the event randomization shall now be Collapse )

Remember, this event takes place over one in-game day! Once Friday rolls around, characters will be able to move apart as far as they like without fear of pain.

If you find we've made a mistake and paired two characters already with close CR, or two characters played by the same person, or left your character out entirely, please let us know! If you somehow missed the sign-up and would like to participate, shoot us a note and we'll see what we can do.

This post will also double as a planning post, so you may post threads with your pair and communicate about your logs that way.